With over 30 years of experience across multiple riding disciplines, Susan Snethkamp has established herself a rider, trainer and judge. She currently operates Snethkamp Dressage, LLC. in Metamora, where she trains horses and riders in the sport and art of dressage. Her students range from Intro level to Grand Prix. Her personal achievements include:  the many successes of her students and horses, earning her USDF Bronze, Silver, and GOLD Medals, training two of her own horses to Grand Prix level in Dressage, and being the First Alternate for the Olympic Sport Festival Trials in 1993. Susan has a Master's degree in Education and Instructional Technology, along with a degree in English, Communication, and Physical Education which adds to her abilities to instruct both children and adults, alike. In addition, she is a United States Dressage Federation Certified Instructor and has been a British Horse Society Certified Assistant Instructor since 1973. Susan is also a certified Equine Massage Therapist.

Need A Judge? Susan Snethkamp is currently an L Graduate "with distinction". She has judged at Dressage Shows throughout the Midwest.

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